Who we are

Iran FerroAlloy Producer Association.

Iran Ferroalloy Producer Association According to Article 131 of the Labor Law of the Islamic Republic has been formed in 2002 to collaborate in the development and creation of favorable spaces for dialogue and cooperation and Select appropriate ways of improving and maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of producer in this industries include ferro silisium, ferro manganese, ferrochrome, ferromolybden, ferrocarbon, ferro silicon manganese and all other ferroalloy.

for more information you can download . the Assosiacion Rules file.

1. Helping to progress the Ferroalloy industries and efforts to promote the technology in related industries.

2. Review and accept responsibility and cooperate with ministries, agencies and institutions in carrying out official duties and that these organizations are suggested on the association. and be Ready to do their duty and provide the necessary advice to them

3. Creat a chain of communication and infrastructure between ferroalloy industries and mining units of raw material suppliers

4. Attempt to endogenous research and development.

5. Efforts to develop export the production of ferroalloy industries by barriers and trade regulatory reform.